Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Baby

Anyone else love Fall like me?
My favorite time of year!  My little pumpkin is growing like crazy... Not only getting bigger, but developing into what we refer to around here as "Little Miss Attitude".

You see, now when she doesn't like something she arches her back, throws her head back, and shakes her head back and forth.  While screaming.  And hitting me in the face.
The scratch on her nose is because she fights and screams like a wild bandshee when I try to cut her fingernails....she repeats the performance when I have to wipe and/or clean out her runny, snotty nose - which has been everyday for the past month.  Oh, daycare.

Luckily, she still looks sweet as pie when I take her picture. :) 

Happy Fall!


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