Saturday, October 15, 2011

Making Memories

Today was a beautiful fall breeze, warm sunshine...perfect weather for some pumpkin pickin'.

I've been waiting for this.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and there is something about a baby that makes you want to dress 'em up cute, load 'em up in a wheelbarrow with some straw and pumpkins, and start clicking away like your life depends on it.  Seriously, babies and pumpkin patches are like peanut butter & jelly....they just go together, ya know?  There were tons of cute babies and crazy picture-taking mommies all over that place today.  Made me feel normal. :)

Making memories with this little girl is my new favorite pasttime.  Each season, holiday, milestone brings another opportunity to start creating new traditions as a family.  We are making memories, her and I.  Some for her, some for me.  But they will be forever linked.  Someday, she'll grow up and tell her own family My mom and dad took me to the pumpkin patch every year.  We need to go there, too!  And, of course, there will be plenty of pictures to document the occasion.

Baby girl was in heaven with all of these new textures to explore.  She was especially fond of this prickly straw, and the smooth bumpy rind of the pumpkins.  As fast as I could snatch the straw away from her, she had more of it in her mouth.
I love her.  And I will do anything to make her know that she is loved.  Yes, I know that a day at the pumpkin patch does not equal love....but someday she'll look back on the special traditions that we had as a family and know that we cared enough to do something special with her, to take the time to give her a new experience.  I would have sat in that pumpkin patch all day with my girl.  She was so happy throwing straw, licking pumpkins, smiling at strangers....such a sweet and happy baby. 

What are you doing with your family to celebrate fall??
Next on the list -- making Natalie's Halloween costume. :)
Have a great weekend!


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