Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday morning, we took some time to remember our beloved Aunt Debbie.
Each year we walk the Whisper Walk 5K as a family to remember and honor her fight with ovarian cancer.  This year was Natalie's first walk, so I did her up right in everything teal I could find in her closet. 
It was chilly that morning, so we added tights, a cardigan, and sweet baby hat to keep the little bug warm.  She snuggled into her spot in her infant seat and snoozed while we strolled.

This is the seventh year that we've done the Whisper Walk, and I can hardly believe that so many years have passed so quickly.  Four years ago, my sweet auntie lost her battle.  But we carry her with us in our hearts....she will forever be a part of all of us.

Natalie didn't meet Aunt Debbie.  But she'll know all about her some day.  About her love of holidays, her fiesty spirit, her ability to host a party like nobody else, the way she crafted special traditions within our family, her unending love and devotion for her daughters, her scarecrow collection, her meticulously clean house (although a secret pack-rat lived within!), her famous handwriting (handwritten recipes & notes are precious around here).  She never missed an important event, birthday, or accomplishment.  She loved music.  She gave great hugs.  She knew how to make stuffed animals talk.  She always made you feel at home.
(Aunt Debbie in the middle.  2006 Whisper Walk.)

I love you and miss you dearly, Aunt Deb.


  1. That description is exactly the second mom I remember. I am remembering, too. Will you give Dani a big hug for me next time you see her?

  2. Life without Debbie will never be the same, but we have great memories and she lives through Diane and Danica. I see so much of her in them, and that's a beautiful thing!

  3. I loved this post. :'-)