Saturday, September 3, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA lately!  Seems like we are just now starting to get settled into our new life as a family with two working parents.  Each week seems to get a little easier - though we are still crazy busy with our new routine.

This past week brought a case of pink eye for me and Natalie.  I didn't appreciate it....but I certainly didn't mind a "sick day" at home with my sweet little girl.  I think we both needed it!  She's also getting her two bottom teeth at the same time, and had her six month shots on the same day that she came down with the eye infection -- a little TLC was in order, for sure.

Along with our busy life, we have a BUSY baby on our hands these days!
She is right on the verge of crawling -- scooting backwards on the floor and around in circles.  She is really trying to get her legs moving, just isn't quite there yet.  Babyproofing is in our near future, I'm afraid.  She reaches for everything.  Got her hands on the computer charge cord the other day while I was in the kitchen.  Yesterday I went to the bathroom and when I came out she had scooted herself backwards underneath the TV cabinet.

She loves the hardwood floors, because it's easy to push herself around on them.

And this Little Miss has ALL KINDS of personality lately. :)

So fun, so sweet, so BUSY!


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