Saturday, May 21, 2011

Three Months Old

Today my Natalie is three months old.  She gets more and more beautiful each day!
We started in this outfit.....until she threw up all over herself and the chair about 3 minutes in.  So I stripped her down and went for some naked shots.

 I love her little rolls!

Next outfit....her little romper says "Tweet Tweet I'm So Sweet".  (Target has the cutest baby clothes!)

 Soooo big. She's getting a little bit harder to photograph as she is moving around much more!

Natalie has been busy this month learning all kinds of new things!  She rolled over and also giggled for the first time this month.  She continues to get more and more vocal, and I love her little voice and all of her coos and sounds. 

We moved Natalie into her own room a couple of weeks ago, and she transitioned beautifully!  She is sleeping great through the night....goes to sleep at 9 and usually sleeps until about 6 the next morning.  My new favorite time of day with Natalie is at bedtime. I rock her and sing to her in the dark in her nursery, and I love the way she stares at me until her little eyes get heavy and she can't stay awake any longer.
She eats 5 times a day, every four hours.  She loves music and also cranes her little head to see the television -- her daddy loves this, and claims that she is most interested when he has Sports Center on.  She is awake longer during the day, and continues to take her best naps in the morning.  She is past her fussy evening phase (thank goodness!), so our evenings are enjoyable again.  As you can see in the pictures, she is drooling like crazy these days, so we usually keep a bib on her all day to prevent so many outift changes.

She is the sweetest baby with the most precious little personality -- such a beautiful blessing to us!

(I'm having a hard time capturing one of her sweet smiles on camera, because I'm usually alone with her during our photoshoots.  She will smile beautifully, but once I put the camera up she gets a serious little face because she can't see me anymore.  Stinker!  I'll have to see if Daddy can help us out...)


  1. Gosh, Jenny, she is absolutely gorgeous!!! What a darling!

  2. I love the new shirt with the necklace on it. Don't you just hate when you put them in the cutest outfit and they spit up on it seconds later. The tweet tweet outfit was equally cute though. Can't wait to see you guys in just one more short week.