Sunday, May 29, 2011

Catching Up

After a crazy two weeks back at school, I feel like I am finally catching up.  It was good to see my kiddos off to third grade.  I got a good taste of what it will be like to work and be a mom, and it was tiring!  My evening routine before bedtime included things like making lunches, ironing clothes, packing diaper bags, and cleaning pump parts.  By 9:30 each night, I was ready to crash!  I missed Natalie so much, but now am really looking forward to our summer....and a little more time of leisure together.

We are catching up on all kinds of things around the, laundry, grocery-shopping, etc.  But mostly, I'm concerned about catching up with this little lady.
This is the face she made at me this morning when I went to get her from her crib....Hey, Mom...I haven't seen you at this time of day for awhile!

This weekend, we are catching up on our "family time"...and loving every minute of it.

Today was family picture day.  My sisters and I gave my mom a certificate for Mother's Day to have all of the kids and grandkids get together for pictures.  We even bought matching outfits for all the kiddos - Grace and Natalie had matching dresses, and Nick and RJ wore matching polos.  However, between mommy's developing cold, daddy's grumpiness about having his picture taken, and a hot/tired/hungry/fussy baby.....I'm not sure our part of the pictures turned out very well. :(  Natalie wouldn't even smile for ONE picture!  I was planning to use those as her three month professional photos, but we may have to go for a "reshoot" so we can at least capture a couple of sweet smiles for the scrapbook.

Looking forward to more family time tomorrow.  Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend!


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