Sunday, May 8, 2011


We have been celebrating Mother's Day all weekend.  First, with the amazing mommy who started it all!

On Saturday, I celebrated with my mom and sisters.  We are all moms now, so we took a "girls day" away from the kids to enjoy time together.

We went up to Zona Rosa to have lunch and do some shopping.  Our favorite place was Charming Charlie's.  Have you ever been there???  Oh, my.  Jewelry, purses, shoes, and accessories from wall to wall....and all organized by color.  My jewelry-lovin' momma was loving it!

On Sunday it was time to celebrate my first Mother's Day with my new little family.  I love being Natalie's mommy, and viewed the day as more of a celebration that I was chosen to be her mother.  These past 11 weeks of being a mommy have been hard, but one look at this face and all I can think is how did I get so lucky??

And this guy....he made my Mother's Day absolutely wonderful.  Breakfast and flowers.  Cards from him and Natalie.  Surprised me with the iHome I've had my eye on.  Picnic lunch at the park.  Grilling my favorite (salmon) for dinner.  I am so spoiled!

Beautiful day, beautiful daughter.  Feeling blessed, loved, and happy.  

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies out there.  I hope today you are feeling blessed, loved, and happy that you are a mother.


  1. Today I was sitting here thinking about the last year and all the things that have happened and I just can not believe that our babies are here. I can't believe that we are mothers to these beautiful babies. What a gift; I am feeling blessed on this Mother's Day as well.
    Jenn Ryan

  2. Happy, happy, happy first mother's day, Jenny! What a BEAUTIFUL baby you have!

  3. I'm so glad you had such a happy mother's day with your cutie pie! it has been fun to read what you've been up to - the new scrapbooking on the computer looks neat! you will have to show me sometime. I KNEW you all would love charming charlie's, but especially your mama - that is the perfect place for her! imagine granny there! :) i love you! i can't wait to see you next week!