Friday, May 20, 2011


That's right, it is finally the weekend!
My first week back to work felt like the longest. week. ever.  My kiddos were good, and it felt good to be back in the classroom....but man, did I miss my baby girl!

I'm looking forward to two whole days with my darling.
I mean, who can resist these sweet toes?!?

And beautiful blue eyes...

And chubby little legs...

And cute little baby buns...


 This is what I did every night this week when I got home from school.  Stared at my girl.

And when I wasn't staring at her, I put her in my new sling so I could have her close by!  I tried a sling when she was about 6 weeks old and she hated it.  I got this one for free and thought I'd try it again and she loved it!  Her face in this picture makes me smile -- I think she must wonder about me and the camera that I'm constantly shoving in her face.  Her little look seems to say that thing again??

Tomorrow Natalie turns 3 months old! :)
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. i don't think this baby will ever stop getting cuter. she is so unbelievably ADORABLE! glad to hear you made it through your first week- im sure your kids were thrilled to have you back. i'd love to see you once summer comes around! a little longer of a wait for us BV folk. :(

  2. Seriously. One of the most beautiful babies. Ever. Congrats to surviving the week of work!