Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Over the past year of my blogging experience, I have come to discover many blogs that I enjoy reading.  My husband says I'm just a nosy "busybody", but honestly, the glimpses into other peoples' lives is compelling to me.  The chance to connect -- even with a complete stranger -- is satisfying and fulfilling. 

There are stories of loss and grief and pain.  But they are followed with stories of triumph and peace and joy.  I am overwhelmed with the stories of mothers who have faced tragic circumstances...and then have found the strength to overcome and rise up.

A mother who lost her sweet son to a heart defect, but is now pregnant with twins.

A mother who's beautiful fourth daughter lived for a short while, but was adored and loved during those precious moments that she was here.  Since then, their family has welcomed another beautiful girl!

A mother with a sweet boy born with a heart condition -- he fought for 12 days before going home to Jesus.

A mother with a little girl so full of life -- taken too soon by cancer.
As I read these stories and follow the lives of these women, I am often overwhelmed by their strength.  They have overcome the worst of circumstances -- and, by the grace of God -- have found new peace in His plans.  In times when it would be so easy to turn their backs, they have instead turned towards God for peace, understanding, and comfort.  Their faith has been inspiring to me.  Now that I have my own beautiful daughter, I can't imagine the pain that many have had to endure.  I am so blessed.  I complain about sleepless nights and fussy times....but the truth is -- She's here.  She's healthy.  She's beautiful.  God is reminding me that my insignificant annoyances are nothing compared to what others have endured.  I pray that He will continue to remind me of my blessings.  That He will continue to give me a thankful spirit and an attitude of joyfulness.  And also that He will protect my sweet girl and keep her safe and healthy and happy. 

She has reminded me to pray in a new way -- exchanging my selfish prayers for grateful ones.

She is the greatest gift I have ever received.

And I am thankful. 


  1. Gosh, those pictures are just so serene and gorgeous! Beautiful post! I have a heavenly bundle, but I have two...would be happy to sell you the one in the picture. It's practically new...

  2. This was an amazing post- between the incredible blogs you linked to (a few that i'm now following- wow) and the new beautiful pictures of your little girl. Thank you for sharing such a moving post- you are quite the writer.

    I can't wait to see you and sweet Natalie on Wednesday evening!