Thursday, April 21, 2011

2 Months!

My beautiful Natalie is 2 months old today!  We had our monthly photo shoot this morning.  Get ready for cuteness overload...

Okay, I know that was a lot of pictures...but I struggled to edit my 81 photos down to 12.  She's just so cute!!!  (Or, I'm just an overly proud momma...)

Natalie is growing and changing each day.  She has the sweetest little personality, and all of her little smiles and coos make me so happy.  I love that she is interacting with us more and more.  She is just starting to chuckle a little when she's really happy, and I see smiles all day long. 

She is still eating great - every 4 hours during the day.  She has started going one long stretch at night (last night was 7 hours!!).  She knows when she is going to get fed, and she kicks her legs, opens her mouth, and grunts.  And if I take too long, she lets out a high-pitched squeal as if to say "Hurry up, Mom!"  It's so funny!

Evenings are rough around here - although it seems the last 3 or 4 days haven't been as bad.  She gets very fussy and tired, and it breaks my heart to see her unhappy.  However, just as quickly as the fussiness begins, it goes away again (usually lasting about 2 hours).  We try different things to calm her down -- she loves baths, being swaddled and rocked, or riding in the car or stroller.

I leave Natalie for little bits of time every now and then - her favorite babysitters are her daddy, cousin Danica, and Aunt Karen.  I take her out with me a lot too....we've gotten really good at running errands together and getting out and about a few times a week.  This makes Mommy feel like a human being - I can't be cooped up in the house all week!

Natalie's two-month appointment is not until next week, so I'm unsure of her weight and length right now.  I'm looking forward to finding out how big my girl has gotten.  I am not looking forward to her getting shots at the appointment. :(

I love this baby more and more each day - if that's even possible!  I look at her and marvel and think how on earth was I blessed with such a beautiful and precious little girl?!  She is the light of our lives!

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  1. Oh she is so very cute and developing such a personality. She is growing up so fast. Such a sweet smile too. My favorite pic is the one with her little finger by her mouth, it is so funny and sweet.