Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I'm LOVING...

In honor of Valentine's Day....what I'm lovin' right now...
My littlest Valentine. :)
Yes, she's still recovering from a nasty cold virus and two teeth coming in - so she's a little crabby.

But we can get a smile out of her if we catch her in the right mood. (Notice the conversation heart earrings??  Yep, that's what you wear on Valentine's Day when you teach second grade...)

I'm also loving that I'll finally be getting my hair done this weekend.  'Cause this hot mess growin' on my head has got.to.go.  I'm thinking change will be good....no more dark roots, blond ends, grown-out bangs and shaggy used-to-be layers.  Thank goodness! 

I'm lovin' this little monkey buns.  I got a little sad this morning thinking that this was her last "first" holiday.  It's almost been one whole year, and she has now experienced every holiday at least once.  All week, I've been having flashbacks to this time last year - preparing for her arrival, the emotions of the waiting-game, the anxiousness and worry.  On this day last year, I started my maternity leave a week before she came.

I'm really loving the bookshelves that hubby installed yesterday...

These are Natalie's birthday present from Mommy & Daddy.  I just love how they turned out! 
So does she....

We can hardly keep her out of her room these days.  She books it down the hall as fast as she can and makes a beeline straight for the shelves.  I thought she'd just clear them as fast as she could (she's very into taking things out or off these days), but no -- she carefully looks for just the right one, reaches up for it, then sits on the floor to look at it.  A girl after her own teacher-momma's heart - I hope she will always love books. :)
 Yes - I see the unprotected outlet behind her.  I unplugged her fan to take some pictures..I don't let my busy baby play near electrical outlets. :)

(They look so great below her alphabet flashcards!)

I'm loving the countdown to her birthday this week.  We are in full party mode.  Trying to keep the house meticulously clean this week in anticipation of her weekend party.  Can't wait to celebrate with her and the rest of our family.

Here's her invite:

LOVE me a vintage themed first birthday party!

Lastly....what I am loving like CRAZY these days??

That's right - the bestie and I have started up a sweet little business!
Check it out!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3


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