Saturday, February 25, 2012

12 Months Old

Baby girl, you are 12 months old!  A whole year has flown by, and you are more sweet, more funny, more entertaining, more ornery....smarter, cuter, busier....than you've ever been!

Natalie, you are learning so quickly these days.  I feel as if you are always doing something new!  You've been trying to repeat what we say, like "that", "yes", "hi", or "eyes" (while pointing at a baby doll's or stuffed animals eyes).  Along with mama and dada, those are the only words that come out clearly.  A combination of "ba", "dee", and "ah?" name everything else.

You have taken off walking!  It took you a week or two to get comfortable on your feet - but now you are off and moving!  The other day, daddy and I were in the kitchen you you came right around the corner, walking, holding your baby doll.  You looked so big!

You love to laugh.  Head thrown back, mouth wide open.  You love to be tickled, chased, and teased.  You giggle when we sing, you laugh out loud when you play peek-a-boo.  Funny faces send you over the edge.  You like to smile and flirt with strangers at stores and restaurants.  Such a happy little bug!  You make us laugh, too.  You are entertaining and cute every single day.  I can't wait to get home and see you at the end of the work day.

You are busier than ever.  Seems like you are everywhere at once.  Cabinet locks have keep you out of most places, but you are so curious these days, we just can't keep up.  The other day you pulled over your entire nightstand, lamp, nightlight, and baby monitor.  When I heard the crash, of course I went running in - there you were, tangled up in table legs.  A scared look on your face, of course, but you had gotten what you were going after - your pacifier.  You are determined!  You want to touch everything.  And when you get what you want, you are elated!

You are eating everything these days....lately you've been loving waffles (with a little syrup), macaroni, any kind of meat (chicken, beef, sausage, pork chops), ANY fruit.  You reach for anything on my plate, even if you have just eaten.  Your favorite veggies are carrots and green beans.  You are getting better at chewing up bigger bites, so I don't have to cut everything into such tiny pieces these days.  I'm trying to teach you sign language for "more", but you prefer to point at what you want and yell loudly.  Sassy girl.  We are in the process of weaning you from formula to whole milk.  You don't seem to mind drinking it in a sippy cup....we haven't tried it in a bottle yet.

You are attached to a few things.  Paci and blankie are the favorites.  When you get these two items at once, you are entranced and calm - and look of relief washes over you and your whole body relaxes.  I'm glad you have something to make you feel that way.
You are also attached to Mommy & Daddy.  When we are around family and friends, you prefer to be close to us (although you love your Mimi!).  You like for us to be within your vision so you can keep tabs on us if we are somewhere new.  Sometimes I wish that you were more willing to go to others (they so want to get their hands on you!), but I realize we have made you this way.  We are homebodies, and you are too. 

You hug your stuffed animals and baby dolls.  I can see that you are starting to get interested in imaginary play.  Last week you used a plastic spoon to "feed" your baby doll while it sat in the highchair.  You also put your baby dolls in your blankie and hug them.  You "pour" your teapot to "fill" up your teacups.  You are growing up - and it is exciting to see you playing differently. 

You still sleep great at night - 12 or 13 hours usually.  Two decent naps a day - usually one around an hour, one around two hours.  You continue to be very scheduled, a little creature of habit.  Morning bottle, bedtime bottle, and three bottles/sippy cups with your meals.  When we went to the doctor last week, you had grown only a little.  You've gained about a pound, so your percentile has dropped down to 35th %ile.  You are still tall (65th%ile).  I think you are going to be built like your daddy.

Natalie, I hope you know how much joy you have brought to use in the past twelve months.  We will be eternally grateful for you, little girl.  We are blessed beyond belief, and are looking forward to the next year with you!


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