Saturday, November 5, 2011

Admist the busy-ness of the fall season, we've managed to find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a weekend with nowhere to go, nothing pressing to do.....just catching up on things around the house.  House-cleaning, baby-cuddling, leaf-raking, soup-making, nose-wiping, icecream-eating, game-watching, paper-grading, grocery-shopping, Christmas-planning.  It is heavenly.  And definitely much needed.

Weekends like this are recharging.  A welcomed deep, cleansing breath when it is just plain necessary.  Because, let's face it, the busy-ness gets to be kind of exhausting.  And even though the weeks ahead hold much to do and places to be and commitments and responsibilities and birthdays and holidays and travel.....all of that is forgotten about for 48 hours (well, 49 hours this weekend).  We can be at home and catch up on things just for us.   Not because we have to....but because we can.

(So, why not throw a cute baby with a pink hat in a pile of leaves??  We've got time for that!!)

I think sometimes I focus too much on what needs to get accomplished, what is coming on the calendar, what I need to plan for.  Then a little moment, something simple, comes along and surprises me.  Puts things in perspective.  Slows down my racing mind.  Reminds me of what is important

My sweet baby learned to clap her hands this week.  So simple and innocent and precious...I watched her and my heart swelled with pride like she'd just won a gold medal, and then I remembered this is what it's all about.  All the work and busy days and sleepless nights and unending lists of things to-do.....they aren't what matters.  My girl, my family....the loves of my life that make all the craziness of life seem worth it.
So, I'm loving this weekend of catch-up.  I'm finding comfort and happiness in family, fall breezes & warm sunshine, a Saturday night bubblebath, extra long time in the rocking chair with the babe, and a date night on the couch with my sweet hubby and a movie.

What are you doing this weekend to recharge??

P.S.  50 days 'til Christmas!  Get excited!!


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