Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Picture Perfect??

So, it's been hot around here.  As in really hot.  For the past couple of weeks, I've had good intentions to get outside and take some photos of my girl.  I love this old brown quilt that I have with pink roses on it, and I had been dreaming of plopping my creamy white baby right on top of it and gettin' my click on.

But, its just been too hot to go outside.  Everytime I've even driven anywhere in the past week, I arrive wilted and sweaty.  (I think part of that is toting around a baby in a car seat, the diaper bag, purse, etc. etc.)

Last night, I thought I'd try for the "quilt pictures" inside.  We had a pretty good start...
 (Okay - these arm rolls are out of control cute.)

 After a couple of clicks, I thought it would be really cute to see her little naked buns in the picture, so I quickly pulled off her diaper. 
 Oh yes, much better. :)
As I'm clicking away, husband casually looks up from his spot on the couch and says, "You better be quick, she's gonna pee on that blanket."
Me:  "No she won't, her diaper was wet when I took it we're good for a few minutes."
Him:  "She's gonna pee on that blanket."
Me:  "No she's not." (insert rolling eyes and exasperated sigh from irritated wife....geez, doesn't he know that I know my baby and I know exactly when she will or will not pee??)

 About 2.5 seconds later, she peed on the blanket.
 Then she got mad.
Then my camera battery died. 
Photoshoot didn't go quite as planned....but I still got a few cute pictures. :)

Blogging may be sparse the next few days -- I'm enjoying my last week with baby girl before I go back to work.  The only thing I have time for is kissing baby cheeks, snuggling, inhaling that sweet baby smell, and soaking up every smile, giggle, and coo. 

I will be back soon with pics of my classroom...for any of my teacher friends who are interested.
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I want to see classroom pics! :) and I love your sweet spirit description of your daily life!

  2. adorable. hilarious. gross. all in one great post! ;)