Sunday, August 21, 2011

Half a Year

Today is my baby girl's half birthday.  Half a year old....and our whole world.

Since today is such a big milestone, we decided to head to the park to take some pictures of our baby girl.  I will probably take some pictures of her in her chair tomorrow, for comparison sakes.

Big girl!  She smiles and laughs all day long.  We can't get enough of her!  We listen to her coo and sing and babble....and we just look at each other and beam.  We are proud of every move she makes....

At six months, our girl is rolling and scooting.  She pushes herself up on her arms and looks so proud when she can push herself backwards.  She really enjoys toys now, and looks at them and flings them around.  She likes to bang things on the floor and the highchair tray.  Everything goes in her mouth, and she grabs anything within reach.  Busy baby!  We are still waiting on teeth!

She still sleeps great at night (after a brief two week span of HORRIBLE nights.....we finally figured out that she was hot - put a fan in her room and she has been great ever since).  She goes to bed around 8, and gets up at 6 or 6:30 each morning.  Daycare is still an adjustment (for Mommy and baby), but she loves her daycare provider.  She isn't getting enough sleep there, and ends up taking a long nap when she gets home.  I hope we can get this worked out soon...

Natalie is eating some solids now.  She has dinner every evening after she nurses.  We've started with rice cereal and sweet potatoes and she tolerates both.  She has gotten much better with the spoon.  I just bought green beans, bananas, peaches, and butternut squash at the store today so I can make up some more food and let her start to try some new flavors.  (Click here to see the site I used to research how to make/store the baby food). 

Since my return to work, I can only pump once a day.  There just isn't another convenient time.  I am not ready to give up nursing, so instead I've started giving Natalie just one formula bottle a day.  We actually give it to her at night before bed.  She seems to sleep a little longer that way.  I pump before I go to bed, so she is still have breastmilk bottles both times at daycare.  It's working for now!!

Not sure her height and weight stats right now.  Her appointment is not until next week.  I am guessing around 17 pounds?  She definitely looks bigger to me lately.  I can just imagine her starting to crawl and move any day now!  We have started talking about baby proofing.  I can't believe we are here already!

Natalie's personality is laid back and happy.  She is calm and content most of the time.  Mark's grandma says this is exactly how he was as a baby.  It makes her so enjoyable!!  Sometimes I want to cry when I look at her.  And watching her with her daddy?  Indescribable.  This love for our girl is consuming and earth-changing and......defining.    

Our little girl is the most precious, most beautiful, most darling little angel in the whole wide world.  We couldn't be any luckier.  We love you, baby bug!


  1. Our babies are growing up too fast! Natalie is just perfect! Thanks for the baby food link...I was just thinking about getting some foods ready for Riley! :)