Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Man with a Belly

Childbirth classes continued this week -- and Mark got to wear the sympathy belly!!

It was quite entertaining, but he was surprisingly honest about it afterwards.  He admitted how difficult it was to carry around the extra weight and have the restricted breathing, although it was only for 10 minutes.  Perhaps he gained some new appreciation??
Belly to belly!

Oh boy, I feel that every part of me is swelling.  My face, hands, feet, etc.  Here are my poor little tootsies after my 12-hour day at school today.  I guess it's my fault for working 12 hours....
Check out those sock lines!!!  I need a pedicure...
23 DAYS TO GO! :)


  1. So exciting! I know I swelled so bad with Ellie but fingers crossed haven't too bad yet...but little girls are so worth it! So happy for you!

  2. Love the sympathy belly! But does it simulate heartburn and exhaustion and frequent trips to the bathroom? Oh the joys!

  3. Too funny!! That is a photo to keep forever! He looks great as a mama! He may get a very tiny sympathy belly tonight at Corner Cafe. I get those sock lines every day after working 12 hours - what does this mean for my future? :( I CAN'T wait for her to arrive, and I can't wait to see you tonight - you've been on my heart constantly lately, little mommy! - dani