Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming Along...

Here's how the cabinets are coming along in the living room:
Aren't they looking good?  Still some paint touch up to do...then crown moulding around the top of the bookshelves, doors on the lower cabinets, and base board where the cabinets meet the floor.  Then Mark will install the new lighting in the ceiling - some little spot lights on a dimmer switch.  I think these monstrous shelving units make our tv look tiny!  I'm hoping one I get something on the wall above the tv, it will balance it out a little.  Or, my husband will talk me into a bigger tv.  We'll see...

I am exhausted!  My feet, legs, hips, and back are killing me.  I know I'm pregnant, but I'm not really carrying much extra weight around yet.  I think being a teacher on my feet all day is affecting me differently than it used to.  Thinking of going to take a hot bubble bath to see if that helps.

Hope you have a great week!


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