Saturday, August 28, 2010

15 Weeks

15 weeks today and feeling great!  I've got most of my energy back, although I am still pretty tired after long days at school.  However, I am much more motivated to get things done around the house, which is a welcome change.  I am excited for Fall to come, and have a long to-do list that I hope to accomplish before November (before the holidays).  Is this what they call "nesting"? 

I'm sleeping well at night, and although most of my regular pants don't fit anymore, I've only gained 4 pounds.  On the right track in that department.  I've been trying to get out and walk on these cool evenings.  My feet hurt really bad at the end of each day -- I'm a little worried about that once I'm actually big.  Perhaps I need to find some better shoes?  I told Mark I want to find one of those little foot spa things that I can put my tootsies in at the end of the day...

This week, baby is the size of an apple!  My stomach is getting firm, and definitely feels different.  But I'm excited that baby is growing.  That little chicken nugget is busy in there!

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  1. LOVE your new pic! you look fantastic!! :) at bed bath and beyond in their little spa section, you can get these blue toe separator things that you put in the fridge (to cool) and then put them on at the end of the day- they're great and i need to use them more. as for shoes, head over to naturalizer my friend. that has saved my feet and back and i'm def. not pregnant. hehe MISS YOU lots- let's get together in the next month- can't handle much longer than that!