Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Market

A friend and I visited a lovely little place called "Vintage Market" today.  Have you been there?  It's fantastic.  If you are at Zona Rosa anytime soon, you should definitely go.

When you walk in the door, your eyes just don't know where to look first - which I love!  You can leisurely stroll through the booths, and admire the charming mix of old and new.  I have always been drawn to vintage finds -- I think it comes from trips to antique stores with my mom at an early age.  Checking out old dishes, linens, jewelry, and anything else that looks well-loved.  While I am excited about the NEW furniture that will be arriving at my house come Monday morning, I plan to mix in lots of vintage finds, too.  Because, well, I just can't resist the stuff.

Check out my finds (and please excuse the picture camera fund is slowly but surely growing).

First:  a wicker candle holder with glass insert.  I have been looking at similar styles at various different stores, but didn't want to spend the money.  I decided for $8 I couldn't pass this one up -- has a "beachy" feel, doesn't it?
Second:  antique iron candle holder that has been spray-painted this great greenish-turquoise color.  Yum.  I'll probably display this on my built-in shelves.  I want to only put things that I love on those shelves...and I definitely love this.

Third:  small antique glass knobs....I'll be using these as pulls on the cabinets that hubby builds.  Much more character than some out-of-the-bin pulls from local hardware store.  And, only $2 a piece!

Fourth:  salvaged artitectural pieces.  About 6 inches wide...$5 a piece.  Not sure what I'll do with these yet, but couldn't leave them behind.  They were under some linens in a was like discovering lost treasure!  Oh, the thrill of the hunt...

Fifth:  wire basket.  I love the look of these wire baskets.  Pottery Barn is selling them right now for $34 (ridiculous!)  This baby was six bucks.

Fifth (final and favorite!): sweet little ceramic bird!  I have a recent obsession with all things "bird", so when I saw this darling fellow sitting on a shelf, I couldn't grab it fast enough.  Then, when I anxiously turned it over to see the price ($4), I snatched it up and whispered you are coming home with me! 

I am so happy with my latest finds, and just can't wait for the whole room to come together.  I think my husband is having some doubt about my design choices, but I just assure him "It will all come together."  Right??  Have you ever seen something at a store and you just had to have it right.that.second?  I seem to be having that problem a lot lately.... but I totally believe in surrounding yourself with things you love.  Makes for a happy and inspired home!

Thanks for looking!  Check out the Shabby Nest for other great project, thrift finds, and inspiration:


  1. i am in love with birds now too!! you have got some great finds!!!

  2. What city is the Vintage Market in? You got some great deals!

  3. Vintage Market is at Zona Rosa shopping center in Kansas City.

  4. omg i love the things you found, wow. we should make a trip up there together sometime! i've never been! and the prices are decent?

    have a GREAT trip and maybe we can plan a little date when you get back!