Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is here!

It's been awhile!  Things were a little crazy trying to tie things  up for the end of the school year...and now my class load for the summer has picked up with trying to finish my Masters degree.  However, project list for the summer is made, and I am hoping to start checking things off very's what I have going on for the summer:

1.  Living Room Makeover
Mark and I sold our old furniture, cleared the room, and began making repairs to the walls.  We have repainted the ceiling, and will begin painting the walls in the next couple of days.  Furniture has been ordered and will arrive in a couple of weeks.  Here's the state of my living room right now:

This wall will be the home to my new, custom built (by handy husband), built in shelves!  Yay!  The theme for the room is beach cottage.  *Hopefully* my vision comes together.  If you've walked through Pottery Barn lately, you know the look I am going for.  Of course, I can't afford Pottery Barn, so I have to get the look for less.  For example:

This is the table from Pottery Barn that I fell in love with.  Alas, I could not afford to pay $249 for each end table.  So....I found this baby on JC Penny's website:

(Sorry, picture quality from their website is not good!)  Anyway, I think it looks *just* like the PB table, but only costs....wait for it....$99!!!!  Score!

Stay tuned for more living room updates -- I'll let you know how it's coming along, and share any other bargains, crafts, or do-it-yourself projects.

2.  We leave for vacation in 2 weeks!  Heading to Destin, Florida to stay in a condo on the beach.  I've been to the beach once, and Mark has never been, so we are VERY VERY excited about our getaway.  Fingers crossed that we won't have any oil spill far the oil has not reached Destin...

3.  Tutoring -- I'll be tutoring 3 darling children this summer.  All extra money from that is going into the "new camera" fund.  I have my eye on the Canon Rebel.....

4.  Crafting!  I hope with all of the other things going on that I still have time to do some crafting and creating.  I know I'll be sewing some things for the living room, but I'm also hoping to try some new things as well.  Going to a crop tomorrow night (Scrap Mania @ Archivers) with Jenn, so will be catching up on my scrapbook.

5.  Relaxing??!?!  Will there be time for this??  Hoping to spend some time at the pool with these little cuties...
Do you have a to-do list for the summer??  Or is that just a teacher thing.... gotta enjoy these 10 weeks (that I know will fly by)!


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