Monday, May 24, 2010

Something Old, Something New

Well, I'm home today with a sinus infection and laryngitis.  Not exactly convenient when you do what I do -- teaching is just impossible without a voice!  Am now on some antibiotics and hoping they will help soon! **fingers crossed**

This weekend, my friend Jenn and I went antiquing, and stumbled upon some great finds!  We kept an eye out for antique keys....and I turned mine into this:

The key cost $4 at River Market Antiques, and I purchased the chain and beads from JoAnn's for an additional $8.  So, for $12, I have a really unique and beautiful necklace!  I also found some antique chandelier crystals that I hope to make into necklaces as well...
Stay tuned to see what I do with an old antique window that I picked up for $15....

Have you ever turned something old into something new??  Do you love browsing through antique shops and thrift stores for items with hidden potential?  It's quickly becoming a new obsession for me.

One last cute is he??
My nephew is four years old!  I can't belive it!

My two favorite boys playing arcade games. :)  Mark picked out Nick's birthday present -- I got NO opinion about it, I just got to wrap it.  Well, I guess Mark did a good job because Nick's reaction when he opened the gift was priceless.  He ripped of the paper and gasped: "Ohhhhh.....GOLLY!"  *melt*  So cute!


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