Thursday, August 22, 2013

Days like today make me wonder how I'm ever going to make it with TWO kids.  My 2 1/2 year old completely defeated me today....between whining and screaming and hitting and the POTTY TRAINING that will be the END of me, something is up with her.  Thankful that tomorrow is another new day, and hopeful that it will start and end better than today.

Despite my few words of woe above, I'm trying to focus in on some small joys over the past couple of weeks.  School has started, and while it's felt a little bizarre to not be in a classroom - I am enjoying a pace much slower than the past seven Augusts. 

Most mornings I set my alarm to get up about an hour before her.  I can get a shower and check email and have some "me" time before she wakes up.  But, at least one morning a week I put her in bed with me after she wakes up so we can snuggle and talk and watch TV and be close. 

Although it has warmed up again, we had about a week of absolutely beautiful weather.  Left me craving FALL - all the cool breezes and sweaters and pumpkins and cinnamon candles and coziness.  In the meantime we enjoyed lots of outside time and open windows.  Morning walks and sunshine were glorious.

Sidewalk chalk and baby dolls.  Always the baby dolls.  It's like her little sidekick, and she's taken to calling them "baby sister".  She'll talk to them and rock them and say "You my sister.  You gonna play ball with me."  I am dreaming of seeing the two of them together.

This poor little girl - I was so good about documenting my weekly pregnancy progress with Natalie.  This one has had little more than a few iPhone pics...
Not loved any just been very different this time around!  Time is flying by, and we've not done a thing to prepare for a newborn.  Natalie's "big girl" room will be done soon (hopefully!?) and then it will be on to the nursery.

Tired, pregnant momma off to bed now - praying for a better tomorrow for me and for you!


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