Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We are starting to settle in around here.  Been a month since we moved into the "new house" - which we are referring to more and more as simply "home".  I love everything about this house, and it's been so sweet to snuggle in here and make it our own.  Sure, the project list seems to be never-ending - but we are taking it one thing at a time and loving it (says the pregnant wife who sits back and orders the husband around).  I hope to get some pictures up soon - we got our "grown up" furniture in our bedroom (at the old house, we barely had space in our tiny bedroom for the bed and dresser!) and it looks so pretty.  The craft room (HUGE priority on the project list so I could get the Etsy shop back up and running!) is SOOO close to being completely done - a few minor details to tackle.  I have it mostly all organized and have been working in there and it is completely perfect.  I will post pictures soon, promise!

Otherwise, Natalie and I have been settling into our own little summer routine, with lots of Mommy/daughter time.  Library, pool, fieldtrips, etc. keeps the sugar bug busy enough to warrant nice long afternoon naps - sometimes for both of us!  I am totally soaking up this time with her...trying to cherish these last few months of having just one little girl to love on.  While I look forward to life with TWO girls, I know I'll miss these days of me and my sweet first-born.

A sampling of what we've been up to...
Pool.  I love those wet curls.  She is a fish - completely loves the water.

 Exploring. She loves her new yard and all the trees and shade. 

 Deanna Rose.  There was a really nice cool day (for July!) a couple of weeks ago, so we made an impromptu trip to the farm with a picnic.

Well, I guess it's what Natalie has been up to.... I seem to always been up to my eyeballs in lists and paint samples and DIY projects - and haven't been spending any time in front of the camera.

Last thing - because I'm a proud Mommy.  Natalie learned her ABCs a few weeks ago, and I finally took the time to get it on camera. :)


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