Monday, June 17, 2013

Daddy's Girl

We are moving this week, so you can imagine the state of things around here.... Boxes climbing the walls, and our stress level climbing even higher than that - but a buzz of excitement is floating around here as well, and we are feeling very blessed despite the anxiousness that accompanies impending change.

We were able to take a *little* time out from packing to celebrate Father's Day this weekend.  Can I just say that there is absolutely nothing sweeter than watching your man and your baby together?  Like the sweetest, most precious love - I know I'm not the only momma with a melty heart to see the connection between daddy and daughter.

She only smiles like this for daddy.  Or "daddy boy" as we call him around here.


Can I just be honest and say that I didn't grow up being close to my dad?  I love and respect my dad deeply, but we didn't have that special connection that some dads and daughters have.  So to see my husband and my daughter so enamored, so entangled, so in love - does the heart good.  There is truly nothing like it, and I am thankful for a husband who, from day one, jumped in to this whole "fatherhood" thing in a big way.

So, despite the busy-ness right now, I'm so happy to celebrate a great man - our provider and protector, our humor and our helper, our fun and our frustration, and the love of both of our lives.


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