Sunday, December 30, 2012

22 Months

We are SO close to having a two-year-old!  These days, she is less and less baby, and definitely a full-blown toddler.

Our sugar bug at 22 months....
I vowed to do a whole year of outdoor photos at the beginning of her second year - this winter weather won't cramp our style!  She is obsessed with this hat and mitten set these days.
She loves to put them on and chase her daddy around the house.  He pretends to be scared of her little mitten lobster claws, and she squeals with delight as he runs from her screaming "Oh, no! Don't get meeee!"  Her reply?  "Get you, Daddy!" followed by a growl for good measure. :)
This month, Miss Personality is talking more in phrases & sentences.  Some of the little gems we've heard this month:  "I seeee you!" (while hiding), "Mommy, more please?", "I don't know", "Baby, where are you?", and "I don't want to".  Little lady is independent, that's for sure!

We had a great Christmas, and this month, she's enjoying playing with play-dough, coloring with crayons (and the bath crayons she got in her stocking!), reading books, doing puzzles, building with Legos, and anything that is related to a babydoll.  She puts them in the cradle, rocks them and swaddles them in blankets, kisses them and feeds them and must have them in bed with her at night.  She has a baby highchair, a baby stroller, baby is babyland around here.
All her favorite things in her baby stroller to push around the house. :)
Here's a little video I took of her on my phone one day.  I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to get some work done and she was playing underneath the table.  I heard a bunch of kissing noises so I started to video her but she didn't know it. 
She kisses baby, then hugs baby, then puts her to "sleep"...did you hear her pretend snoring? :)  She cracks us up!

She is really into singing and dancing right now.  She especially loves to sing in the bathtub.  She got a singing Elmo for Christmas, and when he sings, she gets the little microphone that came with Elmo and dances around with it.  Another video...notice the bossiness when she realizes Daddy isn't playing the drums as he should be...

She is getting so tall and has outgrown most of her 18 month clothes and moved up to a size 6 shoe.  I suppose we'll have to start at least thinking about potty-training sooner or later - but I'm in denial about that for now!
She's very aware of her routine - getting ready in the morning, mealtime and playtime, bedtime, etc.  She will start doing the next thing without my prompting - a girl after her mommy's heart. :)  She is still loving "helping" when she can, and the tantrums are rare for now (we are enjoying that while we can!)
I've officially started party planning for the big 2nd birthday....but we are looking forward to these last couple of months with a 1 year old!

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