Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catching Up

What a sweet, sweet summer it has been so far!
SO much has been happening around here....

A girls' day to celebrate an amazing Momma. 
We went on a garden tour in Weston, Missouri.  Included: many quaint homes, breathtaking gardens, a little rain shower, a picnic lunch, birthday presents, an encounter with a snake, lots of sister/mother chit-chat, and many sweet memories made.

Made me want to move the country-side and grow a garden!

Playing, inside and out.  Mornings out front in the shade have been tolerable.  And Natalie is game for anything that involves water.  And Daddy's paintbrushes.

Up next, an anniversary celebrated.
4 years with my love, celebrated with a night out.  Dinner (and dessert!) on the Plaza.  In lieu of window shopping, we drove around and looked at neighborhoods and houses....dreaming of where our blessed lilfe will continue someday.  So blessed to know there are many more amazing years ahead with my man!

Did you notice my hair in that picture up there?  In a moment of braveness, I decided to give my budget a major boost and color my own hair.  Which I never done before.  It had to be done.  There were gray hairs growin' in there!  WHAAAAT?!?  I've been blond forever, but earlier this year decided to go darker - for a change, and because it would be less maintenance since my natural hair color is dark.
After many youtube videos, online tutorials, etc. I trotted off to the beauty supply store to buy some salon hair color (NOT a boxed kit!).Put the babe down for a nap, got all my supplies, and went at it.
Documented the before and after with my trusty iPhone.  This is the before picture.  With day-old hair, a nervous look on my face, and no makeup.  Mmmm....
 And the AFTER.  Much better!  Came out darker than I thought....this definitely does not look like the "medium natural brown" that was indicated on the box, but I think if I let it process for less time next time it would be perfect.  That part was a bit of a guessing game considering it said, "Let process for 10-40 minutes."  Cost only $16 for the color and supplies.  Winning!  Would pay 3x as much in the salon!
(P.S. The same girl who's video I watched on to color your hair....I also watched her video on how to blow dry your hair.  Life-changing, folks.  Who knew I was blow-drying wrong all these years????)

Now the Fourth of July is this week, which always makes me start to worry about how SOON August will be here.  But I'll be sure to just really savor the next few weeks of freedom!  Still lots to accomplish on my summer to-do list!
Thanks for reading!!


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