Tuesday, July 24, 2012

17 Months

Little Lady is 17 months old!
We braved the heat (again) and snapped some pictures of the little one on her 17 month birthday after our visit to the Farmers' Market.  We go just about every Saturday to get our favorites - peaches, watermelon, peppers, sweet corn, blueberries....it's hard to not buy everything, and Natalie loves to sample. :)  There's a sweet little bridge that leads over to a walking path.  We scoped out some shade, there was a light breeze, and we lasted about 15 whole minutes before calling it quits and heading to the car for the mercy of air conditioning. :)
Natalie doesn't seem to notice the heat at all, and despite her rosy cheeks and the beads of sweat on her baby nose - she is happy to explore and be outside.

Miss Independent seems to be slightly less frustrated these days.  Last month we really struggled with tantrums and throwing fits and her just completely falling apart if she didn't get her way.  This month seems to be a little better, and I think I can attribute that partly to her communication skills continuing to develop.  She is able to tell me most of the time what she wants (in one way or another), so she is easier to deal with most days.  We still have our moments, of course. :)

Otherwise, I feel that haven't been any major changes this month.  Still sleeping the same - I'm a little worried about when school starts and we have to move her wake-up time two hours earlier!  She and I have both gotten a little too used to sleeping in lately...  Still wearing the same size.  Still going through a picky eating phase.  Still the cutest girl ever. :)

I've been loving watching her play.  She comes up with some interesting ways to occupy her time and keep herself busy!  I found a sand pail full of magnet letters yesterday.  She likes to "fill" things like that, so I often find small items in weird places.  My measuring cups in her picnic basket.  Her sorting shapes in my mixing bowls.  She loves flashlights and cell phones and coasters.  Yes, I said coasters.
She has become such a little "helper".  In fact, HELP is probably the word I hear most often all day.  She either wants me to help her do something, or she is dying to help me!  She likes to stir or pour things when I'm cooking.  She loves to carry things for me, throw items in the trash, or pick up toys and put them away. 

She is so curious, and I love that she is learning so much.  I continue to be amazed by this fleeting thing called time, and how I have watched Natalie transform before my very eyes.  My little blessing!


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