Monday, March 12, 2012


Spring Break is here!

I've never been more thankful for a week at home!  Winter Break is nice, but with all the busyness of the holidays, it makes it seem like it's not really a break after all.  Spring is different, because I don't have anywhere to be, no last minute shopping, wrapping, cleaning.  I can just enjoy my home and my baby girl.  And those of you who whine about teachers getting a week off for Spring Break.....people, we need it.  And the kids do, too.  If you were a teacher, you would understand! 

I am totally a homebody.  Don't get me wrong....I did have some pangs of jealousy as friends at work described their Spring Break destinations - Florida beaches, cruises, Mexico.... But one of my favorite things is just being at home with my family.  This week I plan to spend plenty of time in my jammies, do some more spring cleaning (already have a good start! - need to work on closets...), play, play, play with Natalie in the beautiful weather we are supposed to have, spend some time with friends, finally finish Natalie's first year scrapbook (I'm determined on that one!), hang out with cousins, have my niece over to spend the night, go to the park, and read a book.  I haven't read a book since Natalie was born.  And that is embarrassing to admit.  I love to read, it just hasn't been a priority.  This week, it will be. 

Windows are open, sunshine is streaming in, Pandora is serenading me, and I am one happy girl.  Spending the day with one mostly happy girl...
Time change has her a little out of whack.  Hoping we will get adjusted soon.

This spring-y weather has brought the return of some old friends.

 Hello speckled eggs.
 How've you been, sweet little bunny?
My momma - who knows me so well - gave me this sweet little pink duck.  She has found a happy home here. :)

I love digging out my spring stuff.  As I was going through it all, I found plastic Easter eggs....which are now Natalie's new favorite thing.  She has even learned to say egg.  Sounds like "aaaayyyg?"  Everything she says sounds like it ends in a question mark.  She is now saying the dog's name too.  Points out the back door at him and says "ahh-lee" (Harley).

Hoping you are feeling renewed and refreshed by this Spring weather that is upon us. 

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  1. Jenny,
    I have never posted on this before! What a great job you are doing, I know our family in Georgia loves it!
    Ash is home for spring break, we have traveled a bit this year, so she wants to stay home, work at BD's Mongolian BBQ, and do fun stuff with Mom. First: Nails, a bit of shopping, lunch, Firehouse Subs in Olathe (awesome!)Most of her buds come back early anyway.
    Hope to seee you for Easter!