Saturday, February 5, 2011

38 Weeks

We are getting so close to meeting our girl!
I look worn out....because I am!

How far along: 38 Weeks
Baby is the size of: a watermelon
Sleep: Still not great....I don't think I'm going to see a good night's sleep for a VERY long time!
Cravings: NONE - not much of an appetite these days...
Symptoms: Swelling is better this week. Achy back and LOTS of cramping.  It seems she has dropped down some as I'm feeling more pressure in my pelvis and hips.  Still crying often!
Milestones:  I didn't get checked at my doctor's appointment because she had to leave for a c-section!  So, I have another appointment this Monday, and will be anxious to hear if there is any progress happening down there!

We have had a rough week.  Mark is still recovering from his injury.  He had to have another surgery yesterday on his eye.  They are keeping a very close eye on the wound so that there is no potential for infection.  There was a part of the wound that they wanted to put some extra stitches in, so he had to go back under the knife yesterday.  He did fine, but has been sore today.  Then, when we went for his follow-up appointment today, one of the stitches was broken.  Which means he might have to have another surgery this week.  We are praying hard that that won't be the case.  The doctor will check him again on Monday and make the decision.  It would not be ideal...however, if that is what they recommend, we will do it.  We don't want to risk his vision!  They are optimistic, but still can't tell us for sure if he will get his vision back.  He may need future eye surgeries or even possibly glasses, which would be no big deal. 

We are so blessed to have such great friends and family taking care of us right now!  Mark's co-workers shoveled our driveway after the sister and co-worker came to sit with me through Mark's second eye mom and sister came and cleaned my house from top to bottom today....and the staff at school all chipped in money to pay a parent at school who owns a catering buisiness -- she brought over pork tenderloin, lasagna, chicken enchiladas, and ham sandwiches today to stock our fridge and freezer.  We are extremely grateful for all that everyone has done to help us through this rough week! 

Here's hoping that this week goes better! :)  This may be my last one at school -- my long-term sub has been coming to spend a couple of days each week with me and the kiddos to help with the transition.  I'm finishing up any last minute preparations for her before I leave.  We'll have our last childbirth class this week (it got cancelled last week because of the weather).  I do hope we make it this week because it's on newborn care, which we are both anxious to learn more about.

One more picture before I sign off - my adorable nephew came over today.  While his mommy was cleaning bathrooms, he was pushing the mop with his cowboy hat on.  So cute!


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