Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Happenings

We had a busy, busy weekend!

First, some progress on Project Get-Ready-For-Baby.  We painted the guest room so we can get the queen-sized bed out of the nursery...
Besides the stuff in the middle of the room, how do you like the color?  It's called "Blonde" by Sherwin Williams.  A warm, golden kind of color.  I'm hoping to get my hubby to move the bed, etc. into the guest room this week.  I'm really happy with how the paint color looks with the floors.  I'm anxious to see how the bedding looks with it.

Next, we spent a portion of our Sunday chasing a naughty, naughty puppy all over the neighborhood.  Our neighbors behind us took out their fence and replaced it with a stack of railroad ties.  Harley hasn't tried to jump over them....until today.  We chased him all over the place.  My dog doesn't "come here", and thinks it's a game when we are chasing him.  The horrible thing is that one block over from us is a very busy intersection.  He kept darting into traffic, then started chasing a motorcycle down the street!  Luckily, the guy on the bike was very nice - he turned around and drove back towards us as Harley ran barking after him.  He was very sweet and assured us "This happens all the time!"  I was just about in tears watching him, thinking "If a car doesn't kill him, then my husband will."  Finally Mark cornered him and carried him home.  He looks more than a little guilty...

He's been locked in the garage the rest of the day...

Last, here's my 22 week belly photo.  I kept forgetting to take a picture the past couple of days, so here's a quick one from after my bubble bath tonight (hence the jammies and messy ponytail...)

This week will be BUSY at school.  I'll finish up my report cards, then it's Open House night this week and getting ready for parent/teacher conferences next week.  I'm going through craft withdrawal -- maybe I'll squeeze it in one evening this week?  Stay tuned!


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