Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We moved and organized and cleaned last night to get the guest room *mostly* put together.  Now baby's room is next!

Still need some curtains, maybe a rug for the floor.  All of that will have to come later.  I decorated this room using only things that I already had.  Well, except for the $35 quilt...but that was a steal! 

I went to check the mail yesterday, and just about let out a little scream when I opened the mailbox!  Here's what was wrapped up inside...
The fabric for my sweet little girl's room!  Turquoise, pink, and red.  I LOVE it!  And, it goes with the whole "vintage" theme that is working its way around and around in my brain.  I will use this fabric to attempt my first quilt.  I know I've got the sewing "know-how" to at least get the blocks cut and assembled.  It's the actual quilting and binding part that I'm a little worried about.  However, my aunt (whom we visit every Thanksgiving) is a quilting pro.  I am hoping that if I take my quilt top along with me, she can help with the finishing details.  I also plan to use any of the extra fabric for some other nursery-related crafting projects.  I sure haven't known this baby girl for very long, but she has stolen my heart.....all I can think about is having everything absolutely perfect before she arrives. 

This week is busy, but I'm managing.  The light at the end of my tunnel is my Saturday date with my best friend.  We will have lunch and pedicures.  She is pregnant too, so we can talk baby for hours and not feel guilty. :)  Can't wait!

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  1. AHH JENNY- the fabric is PERFECT!!! :) :) We need a crafting date. You need to share your skills with me.