Monday, March 24, 2014

Lillie {4 months}

Lillie cakes is four months old!  Still growing and changing - doin' what babies do best. :)

Sleep has been very inconsistent this month.....sometimes long stretches, sometimes short.  Some great nights where she only wakes one - and nights where she wakes once an hour.  She generally nurses once a night.  Naps very well during the day (except when we have to cut the naps short to be on the go).  She always falls asleep very quickly.  We are working to wean her from the swaddle - so she sleeps with one arm out.

Eating -- she is now nursing every four hours during the day.  She is on a good schedule...wakes, eats, is awake for 2 hours, then sleeps for 2 hours.  She follows this schedule very closely!  The little stinker won't take a bottle. :(  If you have any tips for getting a four month old to take a bottle, please pass them along....I can't be chained to my baby every four hours for the next 8 months!  She eats frantically (Natalie did this too).  She has been struggling with nursing lately - I think it's some early teething pain that is affecting this. Sometimes I worry (oh, the mommy worry!) if she's getting enough to eat, but I know she would let me know.  She was about 13.5 pounds at her four month appointment - 40th %ile.  Our babies tend to be long and skinny.  Although this baby has many chins that say otherwise!  She is moving into her 3-6 month clothes.

I do think she is starting to teethe.  Hands and fingers are in her mouth constantly.  She likes to chew on toys and her blanket.  She has woken in the night crying with her hands in her mouth.  LOTS of drool!

She is rolling and scooting around.  She lays on her side to play with toys - which is darling.  She has the hugest, cutest smile ever!  She opens her whole mouth when she smiles and her eyes get all squinty. :)  She talks and coos and blows bubbles, and does this really cute sound in the back of her throat and follows it up with a big flirty smile.

Lillie's "likes" at four months:
Loves to look at toys and big sis.  Likes when we sing to her.  Likes to "fly" around in her bouncy seat.  She is finally laughing and giggling more!  We can't stop kissing her, and she likes to open her mouth and kiss back. :)  LOVES paci.  Likes taking baths and kicking her feet in the water.

Our Lillie lovey - how did we ever live without you!?


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