Friday, January 24, 2014

Lillie {Two Months}

Our sweetie pie is two months old!  Well, she was two month old two weeks ago....I did actually write this post then, but blogger was giving me trouble with uploading photos and I never got it finished.  Better late than never I guess!

Lillie Anne has grown so much this month.  She is filling out, and we can't get enough of those chubby cheeks....such a little roundface!  She has skinny arms and legs (just like Natalie did....just like Daddy), but oh, that face....yum.

Lillie started smiling this month!  She responds to our voices with smiles and coos, and she smiles most for her older sister.  When Natalie gets in her face and talks to her, Lillie goes crazy!  It is funny to see Natalie mimic baby talk....sometimes I still think she is the baby, then there she is saying "Hi you sweet little girl - oh, look at you, you big cute girl - I love you, my baby Lillie!" and Lillie just kicks and smiles and grunts and coos.  SO cute.

Lillie eats every three hours during the day.  Still nursing like a champ.  She knows now when I lay her on my lap that it is time to eat and she makes this funny whining noise and snorts.  Baby goes to bed around 7 or 7:30 at night and sleeps until about 7 in the morning -- she wakes up once during the 12 hour night to eat, usually around 3am.  A couple of nights she spoiled me and slept until 5am!  But then we've had some nights of her up at 1 and again at 5....but for the most part she wakes up once and I can totally handle that.  I moved her from our room to her own room at 6 weeks.  When I had Natalie, I waited until she was 12 weeks old, and after that I always thought we should have done that sooner!  So, I'm glad I did it when I did this time around.  We call her the bedtime rockstar.  She goes to sleep better than her (almost) three year old sister.  We do bath, jammies, nurse, swaddle, rock/sing - and I lay her in her bed while she is sleepy but still awake.  She is asleep within just a couple of minutes!  Meanwhile, Natalie is in her room coming up with every. single. reason. why she can't go to sleep.  (I'm thirsty - gotta go potty - need one more hug/kiss - I'm not sleepy, etc. etc.)

Lillie likes laying on her playmat and looking at the lights and hanging toys.  We also bought her a little mirror for Christmas and she loves looking at that too.  She likes music and when I sing to her. She loves bathtime, just like Natalie did!

During the day, the little lady is awake for about and hour, or maybe an hour and a half....then she naps until her next feeding.  We try really hard to follow the eat, awake, sleep schedule and it works pretty well for her.  She does all her daytime napping in her swing or bouncy seat - pretty soon I better start working on some naps in her crib.  She LOVES being swaddled (I could be a spokesperson for the Miracle Blanket), and as soon as I wrap her up in it her eyes get heavy.  She also loves her blankie already.  I lay it over her and she always manages to get her face nuzzled down in it....I'm not too worried because it's lightweight, but sometimes she scares me with that face in her blanket!  She also loves her pacifier.
She continues to be super easy going and a pretty happy baby - we joke that she never cries....but, really, she hardly ever does. :)  Such a little lovie....our hearts are so full with two precious little girls.


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