Monday, February 25, 2013

My baby is TWO!

So unbelievable.  The sweet, tiny, helpless baby that I held in my arms just two short years ago - has blossomed into a beautiful, spunky, independent, lovely little toddler.  She makes us laugh each day and reminds me over and over just how much we've been blessed by her.  My favorite things about her right now include her sweet voice, her hugs and kisses, her funny expressions, and her curious nature.  And the fact that she is so darn sweet. :)

We celebrated our girl over the past few days.  Starting with a snow day ON her birthday (how perfect?), and a fun birthday party just a couple of days later...she was a total sweetheart.  And has a newfound love for presents and cupcakes - which she now asks for daily. :)

The Elmo theme was a no-brainer.  Our girl is in love with the furry, red guy...and this momma has a compulsive need to throw a beautiful and perfect-in-every-way birthday party.  I can't help it!!  With two bonus snow days before the party, I actually had enough time to pull everything together and bring my vision to reality.  Natalie loved all of it, and kept saying "My Elmo party, Mommy?"

Cute cake!  I cheated a little....HyVee made the cake and iced and decorated the sides - but they wouldn't do an Elmo on the top because it's a licensed character.  So - I did the Elmo face on the top.  A joint effort!
 Pretty little door sign to welcome our guests. :)
 Cupcakes!  Natalie's favorite part of the celebrating.
 Made these yummy chocolate covered Oreos as favors.  They were super easy.

Silverware tags - Daddy helped with these a week before the party. :)
 Pretty birthday girl in her pretty party outfit.
 She loved the balloons....possibly her favorite thing that day.
Mommy & baby big girl.

 Littlest friend and party guest.  Natalie was enamored with Miss Maggie!
Quick family photo.
 She loved it when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her, and gave the cutest little shy smile.

Blew out her candles like a pro!

Can you tell she liked the cake?!  What a mess...
She hugged and kissed and said "thank yous" after each present.  I loved watching her during the party because she was so happy and having so much fun!  She ended the night with her own private dance party....demanding "music, Mommy" and proceeding with some cute moves as the party guests dwindled.
Such a fun, fun day.  We were worn out afterwards but were left with so many sweet memories of our precious two-year-old!

P.S. Do you LOVE the Elmo decor?  It will be in my Etsy shop soon!! :)


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