Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A week late.... our Halloween in mostly pictures, and a few words...

Daddy decided that Natalie MUST be a little cowgirl.  I thought ahead and bought all the stuff to make the costume at the end of September.....but, alas, my busy life got away from me and I was left furiously sewing just a couple of days before Halloween....and a well-placed safety pin was the evidence of my last minute costume design.

But don't worry, she pulled it off. :)

She loved her trick or treat bucket....we worked on "Trick or Treat", which came out "Go-dee-dee". :)  No matter how many times we said it, that's how she repeated it!

A cowboy hat to fit a toddler is a rare find, but we were lucky enough to find this gem for $5 in the boy section of the toy department, alongside the toy guns and superman capes... just two days before Halloween, too!  She kept it on for a few pictures, and did wear it the whole time that she went trick-or-treating with her cousins.

She LOVED walking the neighborhood with her cousins!  Uncle Don decorated a golf cart to chauffer the kids around, and they ran from house to house collecting their loot.  We took Natalie to about 10 houses, and she did great!  Would walk right up to someone, smile her cute smile, say "Go-dee-dee", and always remembered to say "Thank You" when she got her candy.  She was quite interested in all that candy....

She's never really had candy, but she played with it for a large portion of the night.

And, the best we got while trying to get a picture of all the cousins together.  So much easier said than done! 

Treats with Mimi.

And - the only photo of her and I for the whole holiday:
Classic, huh?
Happy Halloween!!


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