Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Bath!

Natalie's cord stump finally fell off (it only took 5 weeks!) so we were able to give the sweet girl her first bath over the weekend.

 Look at that belly!  And cute bellybutton. :)
For the most part, she just relaxed and enjoyed the warm water!  I like how she's layin' back with her feet hanging into the water.  She didn't scream until I took her out of the tub.....I think she was cold and wanting to get back in!


  1. sweet baby! I kept laughing out loud - she is toooooo cute! i'm so glad she enjoyed her long awaited bath and that you and mark had fun too! thanks for sharing :)!! you are such a good mama.

  2. Beautiful baby!! I am waiting for our t mans cord to fall of so I can properly bathe him!